Thursday, June 7, 2012

The Sunshine Award

Today, I received an award... Yup, I received The Sunshine Award for my blog!! Yay!! It is a fun little perpetual award that when you receive it, then you pass it on to blogs that bring you sunshine.

I am ABSOLUTELY DELIGHTED that someone felt that I gave them enough sunshine through my blog that they would give me an award for it.

Thank you!!

Yesterday, I linked up with the ALL STARS BLOCK PARTY  link party and was found by one of the hosts.  Thanks Carri @ Simply Done Wright for ALL your kind words and giving me this award. *yay*

So on to the Rules...The Sunshine Award guidelines:
1. Link the award to the person who gave it to you.
2. Answer the questions that come with it.
3. Pass it along to 10 people and let them know they have received it.

The Questions... Drum-roll Please... 

1. Favorite Color - I would have to say red, but not necessarily to wear.  I love variety and ALL colors, because what would one color be if we couldn't compare to any others, but I am definitely drawn to red.

2. Favorite Animal - My thoughts on things like this change ALL the time, but right now, I love the Koala Bear.  When we went to Australia, I was able to hold and snuggle a koala, and I fell in love.  So cute and cuddly, and they keep themselves VERY clean... which I love!!

3. Favorite Number - um... 3, I guess.  I love things grouped into threes, especially in my home.

4. Favorite Non-alcoholic Drink - Through and through I am a Diet Coke girl!!

5. Facebook or Twitter - Facebook! I don't really get the Twitter scene.

6. My passion - Accomplishing new things... this all started when my hubby and I moved back from NYC and I decided that I wanted to make GREAT bread, and become a reasonable baker, I felt I accomplished that and moved on to another wild idea.  I decided that I would make a blog about it.

7. Giving or Receiving - I LOVE to give, but it's more like receiving to me.  I LOVE to see the expressions on faces or just the thought that maybe I made someone's day a little brighter.

8. Favorite Pattern - Stripes.  I think they are adorable!

9. Favorite Day of the Week - I don't really have one... I love waking up everyday knowing that something great could happen!!

10. Favorite Flower - I LOVE flowers in general, but if I had to pick just one...daisies are SO sweet and simple, I LOVE them!!


1. Alisha @ All About Us
She is a personal bestie of mine and truly inspired me with her blog!! She is SO fun and modern, and I absolutely adore her.  I am also IN LOVE with all of her pictures.  Check out the link to her photography blog!! AMAZING!!
2. Ashley @ Lil Blue Boo
I have been following Ashley for a LONG time now, and I first started following her when it was just funky crafts and screen printing, but recently she has turned into such an example of AMAZING attitudes and STRONG womanhood.  THANKS!!
3. Shannon @ Madigan Made
She first had me hooked with her chalkboards and plates, but she has such great ideas ALL THE TIME.  Definitely a must see!!
4. Stephanie @ The Forward Home
I met her a little while ago, and we actually started our blogs around the same time.  I LOVE all that she has to offer on organizing, eating healthy and spotlights homes that I would LOVE to have.  So exciting.
5. Melinda @ Under My Umbrella
She GETS me!! I LOVE her style, and the things she makes are AMAZING!!   Wood, and burlap, and subway art and, and, and...   I would have her as a neighbor, I totally would!!
6. Ashleigh and Kathryn @ Bee in Our Bonnett
I LOVE their sweets and treats and everything yummy. One day I will find the courage to tackle sugar cookies and their blog will be right by my side through it all. 
7. Ashley @ Make It and Love It
My bestie, Alisha, introduced me to this site while I was trying to figure out how to sew things for my precious nieces.  I CANNOT get enough of this blog.  A definite must follow!!
8. Disney @ Ruffles And Stuff
Disney is AMAZING.  She has brought SO MUCH sunshine to me!! She was the first blog that I started following that was not a friend or relative.  She ran away for a while, and I was SOO sad, but then she made my day and came back to blog some more.  Thanks Disney!!!
9. Halsey @ Spunky Junky
She has such GREAT ideas, and I LOVE the stuff she makes.  Her stories are great too, definitely keep me coming back!
10. Tammy @ Homespun Happenings
This is a new blog (to me) but I recently found it and FELL IN LOVE.  Her ideas are so great, and I am truly glad that I found her.  What amazing things!!

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