Monday, July 9, 2012


How was your week?
Did you have a great 4th?

My husband and I took a week to travel north, to have a much needed rest from the heat, and join in all the patriotic activities that bring us back to our childhood.

We also got to see some FANTASTIC people we don't often get to see.
It was wonderful!!

On the way up we stopped over for a night in Las Vegas, and decided to try out a hotel in the downtown district.  We usually stay on or close to the strip. This time we decided to be adventurous and stay in a hotel that we found at a SUPER deal, in an area that we had not been to before.
It ended up being in a really FUN location.  The whole area had such a different feel than the strip, almost a nostalgia to it.
We spent the night enjoying and exploring The Fremont St. Experience.  They have a huge light and sound show that is displayed on the ceiling every hour, street performers, a zip line, lots of casinos you can duck into for some cheap refreshments. I am a complete sucker for deep fried Oreos!
It was definitely a different Vegas experience than any I have ever had.
On the way north from Las Vegas, there were some crazy fires along the way.  I feel so terrible for all the people affected by fires this year.  The sheer number of them are ridiculous.

Then up to Northern Utah, for good food, fireworks and lots of family.
What a great combination.

On the way home we stopped by to visit more family, it happened to be on my Brother-In-Law's birthday.  He had planned himself a birthday outing and we asked about a month ago if we could join in the fun. 
We ended up going to a Japanese Teppanyaki type steak house called Ninja, and then off to the Utah Shakespearean Festival to see Les Misérables.
What an amazing night!!
Not to mention I got to hang out with 4 of my favorite little girls for a while as well!!

How was your 4th?

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